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Community Schemes Management

Oosthuysen Att Inc t/a OPROPSA Attorneys specializes in Body Corporate - and Home Owners Association  Management.


Determination of our Management Fee:

Category 1: Complexes with 18 units or less our fee is R2 500.00 (ex VAT) for the complex.

Category 2: Complexes with 19 units to 60 units our fee is R140.00 (ex VAT) per unit.

Category 3: Complexes with 61 units to 100 units our fee is R120.00 (ex VAT) per unit.

Category 4: Complexes with 101 units to 150 units our fee is R100.00 (ex VAT) per unit.

Category 5: Complexes with 151 units or more our fee is R90.00 (ex VAT) per unit.


What our management fee includes:


·   Free Monthly Financial Reports.

·   Free Debt Collections procedure as per Management Agreement.

·   Free Levy Recovery Procedure (Summons to Writ to Recovery)

·   Free Representation at CSOS.

·   Free Internal dispute resolutions.

·   Free Administration of complaints by residents.

·   Free attendance to trustee meetings and typing of minutes. (Portfolio Managers will attend via Zoom - We also make our Zoom facility available to trustees for trustee meetings)

·   Free attendances at AGM's and SGM's

·   Free Insurance claims administration.

·   Free drafting and management of trustee resolutions.

What our fee Management Fee does not include:


·   Payroll fees. (+-R85.00 per month per employee)

·   Clearance figures (Paid by purchasers and not the Body Corporate)

·   Bank Fees (ABSA Bank)

·   Payprop Fees - Our Management Program to manage the finances of a Body Corporate.

·   Auditors Fee. (External Auditor)

·   SARS Submission Fee (External Auditor)

·   Any disbursement for the Body Corporate example Registered mail for AGM's

Please feel free to contact Riaan Oosthuysen: riaan@lawyersa.com or 012 004 1525

If you so prefer we can set up a zoom meeting to discuss this quotations and to answer any questions and have any discussions.